2021 Cryptocurrency Research Has Succeeded in Great Surprise!

Compared to January, it turned out that a huge number of investors has now been reached.
 According to the research done by Crypto.com, it is seen that the number of users is now twice as high compared to January.  Of course, it is known that such digital assets have a serious return.  However, the rise that continued from January to May, unfortunately, stopped suddenly and the number of investors decreased.
 According to the researches, the increase in the number of users in the first 4 months of 2021 was not very fast.  The increase in the number of users in the first 3 months is 23 million.  In April and May, the number of crypto users reached 200 million levels.

 In June 2021, 221 million people started using cryptocurrencies.  Thus, it was revealed that cryptocurrencies increased much more in the summer months.  Of course, it is not in vain that the number of users has increased so much.  The fact that the Tesla brand has bought Bitcoin is a big factor in this.  In addition, when platforms such as PayPal started to offer services with crypto money, there was a significant increase in the number of users.
 There will probably be an increase in the number of users for a long time.  As long as the crypto money world continues to give confidence, this increase cannot be stopped.


Kaynak: WMAL Haberler

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