A first in its history

New plans of Germany-based BioNTech, which managed to develop a corona virus vaccine together with Pfizer, against the corona virus epidemic that has infected more than 198 million people worldwide.

BioNTech, which has been preparing to purchase a US-based production facility a while ago, continues to grow. Welt am Sonntag, one of Germany’s respected weekly newspapers, shared BioNTech’s growth plans with the public. The newspaper, which wrote that the company plans to create its own sales team for the first time in its history, said, “The production network will also spread to the whole world. The company also plans to create a large number of jobs in the coming months. Informing Welt am Sonntag, officials said that there are currently 500 job postings available in different departments of the company.


Sierk Poetting, a member of the board of directors of the company, who spoke to the newspaper that wrote that the number of employees has increased from 1300s to more than 2000s in the last 1.5 years, said, “The structure is changing in all departments. The company establishes its own sales team of 60 people. This team will market the registered products. We built BioNTech from the very beginning as an integrated company. It had its own R&D department, production department, and now it will have a sales department,” he said.

Saying that new departments will also be established, Poetting said, “Our aim is to produce raw materials and products independently,” adding, “Our aim is to establish a global network for mRNA products. We are also increasing our production capacity,” he said.

Kaynak: WMAL Haberler

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