Fires Occurred in 43 Countries in 2021! So What Are These Countries?

According to the European Forest Fire Information System (EFFIS), which shares satellite images and fire data on forest fires in Europe and surrounding countries, hundreds of thousands of hectares of land burned in Europe alone in 2021. According to the data of EFFIS, a total of 831 forest fires occurred in 43 countries in 2021, while an area of ​​433 thousand 700 hectares burned.

According to the data, it was stated that 1,074 fires occurred in the European Union (EU) countries and 190 thousand 595 hectares of land were burned this year, while 537 fires occurred in non-EU European countries and 185 thousand 805 hectares burned. It was stated that 146 fires occurred in 9 Middle East and North African countries, which EFFIS considered as Europe’s neighbors, and 57 thousand 300 hectares of land were burned in total.


According to satellite images of forest fires from EFFIS, fires of different scales are currently actively raging in at least 15 countries in Europe. It was stated that active forest fires were mostly seen in Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Albania and Turkey. Countries on the Mediterranean coast such as Italy, Spain, Morocco, Algeria and Greece were among the countries most affected by the active fires in the last 7 days.

According to the data of EFFIS in 2021, Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, Romania, Cyprus, Croatia and Bulgaria were among the countries with the highest number of forest fires.

According to the 2021 figures of EFFIS, it has been stated that 298 forest fires have occurred in Italy so far and 76 thousand 388 hectares of land have been burned due to the fires. It was stated that the annual average of fires in Italy since 2008 is 224.

According to reports of forest fires in Italy, the fire that broke out around the town of Catania in Sicily on Saturday has grown and reached settlements. People were evacuated from the area. Firefighters on the island of Sicily, 50 of them in Catania, reportedly carried out 250 fire-related operations within 24 hours. According to local media reports, wind gusts intensified the fire, with temperatures as high as 40 degrees Celsius.

In the fires on Sardinia Island, which continues actively in Italy, it was stated that 1,500 people have been evacuated so far and more than 20 thousand hectares have been burned. According to satellite images of EFFIS, it was noted that the fire on Sardinia Island was largely under control, but the fire was still active in some parts of the island.

38 thousand hectares of waste in SPAIN!

According to the data of EFFIS on forest fires, it was stated that 222 fires occurred in Spain in 2021, and a total of 38 thousand 224 hectares burned. The average forest fire rate in Spain since 2008 is 168.


It was stated that more than 1,200 hectares of land burned in less than 24 hours in the forest fire that broke out in the autonomous region of Catalonia last week. It was reported that 400 people were evacuated due to the fire.

According to the data of EFFIS, it was recorded that 198 fires occurred in France this year and 22,807 hectares of land were burned. According to satellite images, in France, where the fire was largely extinguished, small-sized forest fires are currently seen in two different regions.

On the other hand, it was reported that an area of ​​900 hectares burned in the forest fire in the Aude region in the south of France last week and the fire could not be completely brought under control despite the intervention of the firefighters. According to media reports, he suspects that the fire in the area was caused by a cigarette butt.


According to the data, there were 152 fires in Portugal in 2021, and 14,668 hectares of area burned. In the media reports, it was stated that the forest fire, which started in the Monchique region in the south of the country in the past few weeks, went down to the town of Portimao and 2 thousand hectares were lost in the fire. Portimao Mayor Isilda Gomes said the fire was “caused by careless people”.

18 thousand 620 hectares burned in Romania!

While 75 forest fires occurred in Romania in 2021, 18,620 hectares burned. According to satellite images of EFFIS, forest fires are active especially in the south-west regions of the country, where it borders with Serbia and Bulgaria.


According to the data released, it was stated that 136 fires occurred in Bosnia and Herzegovina and 26 thousand 507 hectares of land were burned. According to satellite images of EFFIS, it was recorded that forest fires continued in the south-west of the country.


EFFIS stated that 135 fires occurred in Turkey in 2021 and 118,789 hectares of land were burned. According to satellite images, it was recorded that fires continued in the southern regions of the country such as Bodrum, Marmaris and Antalya.

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