Is the Crypto Market Beginning to Improve? Ethereum Has Moved Very Well!

The crypto money market has not been able to recover since May, after bad news one after another. Especially the market, which Bitcoin has pulled down, has been in a recovery trend for the last few days. While Bitcoin was pushing the 41-42 thousand dollars band, Ethereum price started to wink at its old values.

Ethereum Price Rises To The Top Of The Last Months!

In the crypto money market, which has upset its investors in recent months, the arrow has started to turn up again. With the rise of Bitcoin and breaking the $ 40,000 band, the market started to turn green. Today, the price of Bitcoin has hovered between the values ​​​​of 40 thousand 41 thousand. The Ethereum value, on the other hand, managed to exceed the $ 2,600 limit for the first time in a long time.


Apart from Ethereum, Binance’s cryptocurrency and the third largest of its market, BNB, tends to recover. The cryptocurrency, which stood at the $700 limit before falling, is currently worth $335. Cryptocurrency, which has been trading between $ 250-280 for a long time, is also trying to return to its old days.

The cryptocurrency market first suffered a great decline with the criticisms made by Elon Musk. By targeting Bitcoin, Musk claimed that he used too much electricity, often feeding fossil fuels such as thermal power plants. After these criticisms, the Bitcoin value fell to 26 thousand bands after the pressure on Bitcoin miners from China.

The crisis, led by Bitcoin, has proven the power of Bitcoin in the market to investors who have just entered the market. According to experts, the uptrend in the last week seems to continue.

Apart from the main cryptocurrencies, the joke cryptocurrency market, led by Dogecoin and Shiba, is in a great recession. Cryptocurrencies, which even Elon Musk’s tweets cannot act on, continue to upset investors, especially those who buy at high prices.

In the altcoin market, there was a movement with the Bitcoin movement. In particular, Bitcoin’s forcing the value of 42 thousand dollars made some cryptocurrencies rise again. However, the fact that the crypto money market is more affected by bad news makes investors nervous. This news is a market assessment, not investment advice.

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