The fire in Milas, Turkey, spread to Bodrum! They’re running from the sea

The fire, which started yesterday in the Beyciler neighborhood of Muğla’s Milas district, increased its effect and spread to Bodrum’s Mazı neighborhood. The fire, which continued throughout the night, threatened the settlements in Mazı. Due to the intensification of the fire and the surrounding smoke, the evacuation of the residents by sea began.

In the region where a full mobilization has been declared, the evacuation of citizens from İnce Yalı to safe areas continues with boats of luxury yachts, daily excursions and fishing boats. The fire, which was effective in the forest area of Mazı Mahallesi, spread to the houses in the region with the change of wind direction. Neighborhood residents are trying to put out some of the burning houses with their own efforts.

Bodrum Mayor Ahmet Aras and Deputy Mayors Hüseyin Tutkun and Tayfun Yılmaz are also examining the fire works on the spot. While AK Party Bodrum District President Osman Gökmen participates in the fire fighting efforts, he also helps in the realization of the evacuations.

The forest fires that first started in Armutalan District on July 29 in Marmaris burned hundreds of acres. In the morning, the flames flared up again and spread towards Hisarönü Neighborhood. While the extinguishing teams intensified their work in the region, citizens were asked to be sensitive to the flames threatening their homes.

ONE PLANE DID NOT ARRIVE IN FIVE HOURS A person who shared images from Hisarönü used the following expressions: Because there is no plane in every five hours, the helicopter is on fire because it does not stop. It’s going down. Please share if you know people. If it starts from here, everything will burn. Unless a plane comes here, people die from the smoke. We called 112. We can’t reach the helicopter, we can’t reach anything.

Kaynak: WMAL Haberler

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