The USA – Mexico Result

The winner of the match won the trophy with the goal scored by defender Miles Robinson with 5 minutes left in extra time.

In the 117th minute and what looked like a match for a penalty shootout, Robinson beat Mexico’s Edson Alvarez in the middle of the Mexican penalty area with Kellyn Acosta to win the match with a nice goal.

The Americans were pretty good in the second half and formed a well-balanced match at the end of the final edit. Arriola and Matthew Hoppe had the best chances for the USMNT towards the end of the 90 minutes, but both attempts were thwarted. This fatigue showed both teams as the extra time ran out with few real opportunities before Robinson reached his goal.


This was the seventh Gold Cup title for the USA and the first since 2017. Mexico has won this trophy eight times in total, and Canada was one of the only countries to win it in 2000.

The USA managed to finish off the team! There were so many problems with this squad and the Americans, it demoralized the Mexican team almost in full force. This is the second trophy the USA has won against Mexico in about two months. And the USMNT achieves this with courage, strong defense, hard work, and appropriate goals.

Kaynak: WMAL Haberler

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