The Whole World is Watching the Forest Fires in Turkey With Fear!

While Turkey’s fight against forest fires continues, the world public is watching what is happening moment by moment… Media organizations such as The Guardian, CNN, Al Jazeera and AFP, one of the world’s leading media organizations, convey the developments in the region to their readers with the phrase “last minute”.

REUTERS: Only Metal Chairs Left!

British news agency Reuters, while preparing a comprehensive report on the events in the region, said that Mehmet Demir, who has lived in the region for more than 40 years, had to leave their home in Manavgat with his family. Writing that their house and all their belongings were turned to ashes, Reuters commented, “The springs in the bed, metal chairs and some kitchen materials could be detected after the fire.”

“The fires that started on Wednesday and are still ongoing are among the worst in the region,” the agency said. Writing that Manavgat is not far from the tourism center of Antalya, Reuters said, “Extreme heat and strong winds caused the flames to spread.”


Speaking to Reuters, Demir said, “We had to flee to the center of Manavgat and when we returned, we found the house in this state. All our savings were burned. We only have our clothes left. There is nothing we can do, words are not enough,” he said. Reuters reported that the number of people who lost their lives in the fires was 6 and that thousands of people had to flee their homes. On the other hand, Reuters, writing that the flames increased their effect in Bodrum, said, “Fires are common in the south of Turkey, but officials said that the latest fires cover a much larger area.”

Reuters reminded that public employees are prohibited from working and traveling unnecessarily in Greece due to the extreme heat, and wrote that fires broke out in Catania, the second largest city in Italy on the island of Sicily.

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