Trump lashed out after documents were released showing him pressuring Department of Justice officials to overturn the election

Former President Donald Trump, in an sometimes contradictory statement, skilled the discharge of documents that showed him pressuring officials at the Department of Justice to subvert last year’s election. In the statement released on Saturday, Trump denied that the documents showed that he sought to overturn last year’s election while repeating the baseless voter fraud claims that are central to his bid to delegitimize Joe Biden’s win.

The documents were released by the House Oversight Committee Friday. They contained hand-written notes of a call between former Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Roses and Donald Trump on December 27 taken by Roses’s deputy, Richard O’Donoghue, who was also present on the decision . “Just say that the election was corrupt + leave the remainder to me,” Trump told the officials within the call, consistent with the notes. The officials responded that no evidence had been uncovered by the DoJ to substantiate the president’s claim.

In his statement, Trump said the documents don’t show he attempted to overturn the election yet repeated his fraud claims and offered no new evidence to point out they’re credible. “The corrupt and highly partisan House Democrats who run the House Oversight Committee yesterday released documents—including court filings handling the rigged election of 2020—that they dishonestly described as attempting to overturn the election,” Trump said. “In fact, it’s just the other .

The documents were meant to uphold the integrity and honesty of elections and therefore the sanctity of our vote,” he added. “The American People want, and demand, that the President of the us , its chief enforcement officer within the country, stand with them to fight for Election Integrity and to research attempts to undermine our nation.”

Kaynak: WMAL Haberler

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